Week 115: Incident(s)

A week of back-to-work security incidents, wardrobe quotes, large amounts of vegan food, and time with the family.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Coming back to work was tough enough without the LastPass and CircleCI security incidents. Following the Heroku one last year, I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s worth us maintaining a large website. Does anyone fancy moving back to print-only newspapers?

  • A man came over and gave us a quote for some built-in wardrobes. It’s expensive but did you know we could gain 40% more space than ordinary fitted wardrobes and twice as much as freestanding?

  • My mum and sister came over for lunch on Saturday. I haven’t seen Rebecca since before Christmas and it was lovely. I made a couple of different curries, onion bhajis, raita, and roti. It was all vegan and delicious.

  • I’ve been doing family tree stuff, and Rebecca has managed to get in touch with our aunt on Facebook. We haven’t seen her since we were teenagers and I’m excited to regain contact with my dad’s side of the family, which tailed off after he died. I might try and head to Australia this year – I have a lot of cousins out there who I’ve met 0–1 times.