Week 114: Roll for Cocktail

A week of birthday parties, New Year parties, properly resting, organised drinking fun, spongey drinks, walking in the countryside, and extra holiday

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We had our first zero-plans day and it was lovely, I enjoyed Christmas but I needed a proper rest.

  • The rest was short-lived though; on the 30th we went to Remi’s for their birthday drinks and on the 31st we went to a party down the road. Fun but exhausting.

  • We played “Roll for Cocktail” on NYE. I love a bit of organised fun! Nothing too horrible was generated, except the Apple Sourz, Baileys, and Lemonade which tasted alright but looked and felt like a sponge.

    Roll for Cocktail rules, explaining how to roll polyhedral dice to generate a random cocktail
  • Today we went on a walk from Ockley to Leith Hill, it was beautiful and I’m full of endorphins from being out in the country.

    Charlotte, Gallal, and Luke stood in a green field with the sun low in the sky behind them
  • Back to the grindstone this week. I’m set on buying the maximum extra holiday this year, 50 days sounds delightful.