Week 113: Shelves

A week of bookshelves, unpacking, Christmas in Hull, a festive hot tub, car upgrades, time with the family, researching ancestry, and some shaky first steps.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Three wooden shelves packed with books

    I put up the shelves as a festive treat! We’re still not completely unpacked but this made a huge dent in the remaining boxes. It feels a lot homier in the living room now, and we’ll be putting all our pictures up ASAP.

  • I was just about well enough to stick to our Christmas plan. We headed up to an Airbnb outside Hull for Christmas with Charlotte’s family. Being on neutral ground was a great idea rather than descending on her Granny, and we had a lovely time.

  • I hired a car for the trip ages ago to avoid crossing any picket lines. I went for a small Fiat 500 but got upgraded to a very nice-to-drive Mercedes which drank a lot of diesel and made plenty of pollution, but I’m choosing to blame the rail bosses.

  • The Airbnb had a hot tub. I’m worried I won’t be able to enjoy Christmas without a hot tub in the future.

  • We drove down to visit my family on Boxing Day and spent most of the day at my Grandma’s. It was chaotic as one of my cousins turned up with small children. The highlight was hanging out with my nearly one-year-old niece, she’s so smiley and chilled and has just started walking around so kept toddling from person to person and clapping 💔🥺

  • I used the opportunity to ask my mum and grandma a load of questions so I can keep building my family tree. I’m finding it fascinating and hoping to be able to get in touch with my dad’s side in Australia.