Week 112: Dr Pepper

A week of more sickness, catching up on TV, trimming shelves, snow in Wapping Woods, a foxy friend, and a dangerous cocktail.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • The sickness continued through the whole week. I’m feeling more normal now but still producing a worrying amount of snot. I’m still a bit worn down and weak and not sure if I can be bothered to trek into the office.

  • This weekend I managed to cut the shelves that have been sitting in our living room down to size. I’ve been putting it off because it’s been ages since I did anything like this, which made it annoying how smooth and easy it was. We took them around to Euan and Gallal’s to use their jigsaw (and more ventilated space). I just need to wait for some more sociable hours to drill holes.

  • We tried a drink that we saw on TikTok. You top up a bottle of Corona with Amaretto and it tastes very much like Dr Pepper. It’s delicious, but also very deadly, especially after eating only a few slices of toast and recovering from illness.

  • A friendly fox stood very close to us in the snow

    It snowed! I dragged myself out of my sick bed for a 10-minute walk to Wapping Woods while it was still falling. It was magical, I can’t remember having this much snow settle in London. We met a very friendly chap who decided to chill with us for a while.

  • Sickness is good for catching up on TV. We watched all of Too Hot to Handle (same old cringe) and Wednesday (very Tim Burton).

Me and Charlotte stood in the snow with a light woodland backdrop