Week 111: Festive Nepotism

A week of Christmas parties, bottomless brunch, festive nepotism, Freddy Prince Junior, Lindsay Lohan, over-explained magic, and coming down with something.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • We had our main company Christmas party on Tuesday. It was fun, it’s always a different vibe when there are hundreds of strangers from other parts of the business. I did some dancing. I managed not to embarrass myself – I was able to actually work the next day.

  • You can tell I’m well and truly in Christmas mode because we did a bottomless brunch on Friday at Polo Bar which was loads of fun. I also managed to not be too hungover. Is this luck or restraint?

  • On Saturday we had some friends over to watch Christmas films. Luke came over earlyish and we watched a couple of films before Jenn & Chris arrived. Then we managed three more. I feel very festive.

    • Christmas Under Wraps was very compelling for a Hallmark Movie. A healthy dose of nepotism is the key plot point I think, but it also sticks to some key themes like “love interest is introduced wearing a check shirt”.

    • Christmas With You is a new-for-2022 Netflix film. It strays slightly away from the royal themes of The Princess Switch et al, but not so far that we couldn’t predict everything that was gonna happen. Enjoyed it a lot. Freddy Prince Junior does well playing “older but still hot dad”.

    • Falling for Christmas is the new Linsay Lohan film that everyone’s been talking about. I enjoyed it and will watch it again but maybe I set my expectations too high. It did make me laugh a few times. Lindsay Lohan’s face doesn’t really move a lot nowadays. I had a bit of a crush on her back in The Parent Trap days. It’s not weird, I was 10 years old.

    • Angel Falls Christmas was probably the flop of the evening. Every good Christmas film has some magic in it, however, I don’t want that magic to be explained away with complex in-world lore. I want to be left guessing a little bit thanks.

    • A Christmas Miracle for Daisy, Another Hallmark, was fairly average but maybe we didn’t do it justice because it was movie #5 and we were tired. The title does just say it all, over-specific, Hallmark is running out of name ideas.

  • I’m sick. It’s very annoying, I have a hot and scratchy throat and I’m exhausted. Probs gonna take a day or two off to recover. At least it doesn’t seem to be COVID.

  • Ooh, week 111 on the 11th.