Week 110: Private View

A week of in-person catchups, private views, being by myself, stupid amounts of Minecraft, car hire, visiting family, and a new distraction for Christmas.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • This week’s been all about seeing people I haven’t seen in a while.

  • Maggie (who is one of my reports) was in London so we got to hang out in person a bit. Despite being fine with mostly remote you can’t beat getting together in the real world – gossiping is a lot more fun, it’s far easier to read people’s faces, and you can wander to get a coffee instead of staring at your screen some more.

  • On Thursday, after work, I met up with Scarlett and we went to a private view for her friend Hester. I love the use of light in her paintings!

    We went for sushi and just had a generally lovely catchup. Living in rural Wales agrees with her a lot.

  • Charlotte’s gone to Finland to see our friend Andy, who moved there earlier this year. I have a tiny bit of FOMO but no more annual leave to take. I really need to buy the maximum amount next year.

  • I spent a stupid amount of time playing Minecraft on a new server with some friends. We’re playing with Create Mod 0.5 (seems like it might be a yearly thing), and it’s so much fun. If I know you IRL and you fancy playing then give me a shout!

  • I also hired a car on Sunday and drove up to visit my family. One of my favourite things is to not tell my grandma that I’m visiting: her happy surprise to see me is the biggest dopamine hit. I played with my niece a lot (just the smiliest baby) and caught up with my mum and brothers. What a lovely day.

  • I started Advent of Code and managed to beat last year’s score (I only managed 3 days because I was so tired/busy). I’ll probably lose interest but in the meantime, it’s a fun little distraction.