Week 108: Self-Diagnosis

A week of thinking about my brain, new phones, comedy, excellent tech talks, visits from Canada, solar systems, city walls, and scones.

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  • I got a new phone. It’s purple, fast, and lasts for a whole day of use. I used to be the guy who got a new iPhone every time they launched and I’m quite pleased to be out of that phase, I had my previous one for years before upgrading.

  • Some potentially big news: I think maybe I have ADHD. Although I haven’t written about it before, it’s something I’ve been vaguely exploring for a while. I’m bad at time management, focusing on tasks I’m uninterested in, and a shitshow when it comes to coping with stress (inwardly at least). I zone in and out of conversations far too easily (sorry), and I feel restless if my brain isn’t doing something.

    On the flip side, when I’m interested in a task I can really hyperfocus. I think maybe turning the hobby I was fixating on in my late teens (programming) into a job probably helped me not identify this for a long time because I’ve always been good at focusing on interesting programming problems.

    I’m trying to work out whether I should talk to a medical professional rather than just label myself based on doing a bunch of online tests. Though I’m told this is enough for some. I’m kind of fine, but taking a step back and analysing my behaviour has made me think about whether I can (and should) do something to adjust the aspects that make my life more difficult.

  • Charlotte and I went to see some comedy at Backyard Comedy Club because it’s just down the road. It was cheap and fun! New act nights are always a bit mixed, but I’d go again.

  • Friday at work was Engine Room, the FT’s annual internal tech conference. It was such a good day, and always serves to remind me that I work with a lovely and talented bunch of people. Hopefully someone blogs about it publicly so I can share.

  • After Engine Room we went out for drinks which were particularly special because Keran was back in London from Canada. So great to see her again, and it’s always fun when someone senior puts a card behind the bar 👀

  • On Saturday Charlotte and I got the train up to York to spend a long weekend somewhere else. It’s a really beautiful city, I liked it a lot. We didn’t really gather up a lot of recommendations or make a plan but that made it feel quite chill.

    • We did a lot of walking around. We got a bus down to Riccall and walked the Solar System Trail in reverse. The planets are pretty far apart. We got rained on a bit, dried off at our Airbnb, and then went for a near-perfect Sunday roast.

    • We also walked around the city walls, did a bit of drinking and shopping, and ate a bit too much.

Charlotte and I sheltering under a bridge. We're wet from the rain and we're pointing at a large model of the sun at the end of the solar system walk