Week 107: ffconf

A week of building a CMS, reading about ActivityPub, time with my sister, amazing conferences, buying forks, and finding a friendly new Mastodon instance.

Posted on by Rowan Manning

  • I started the week off well by coming second in Lords of Waterdeep. It’s a classic that my board game group play every now and then

  • I’ve done the inadvisable and started building a CMS for my website. I want to start doing some more interesting stuff with ActivityPub, beyond what a static site can do. I’d also like to implement Webmentions myself to better understand the spec.

    I’m quite pleased with it so far. My mantra is “this is for me” every time I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of adding features that I don’t need. I’m going to try and keep it opinionated and tailored to my site.

  • On Thursday I spent the evening with my sister in Brighton. We caught up, got takeaway, and lounged in front of the TV. It was lovely.

  • On Friday I went to ffconf and it was wonderful, I had such a great time. All the talks were excellent, my standouts were a perfectly executed talk on capitalism and the web from Heydon and a brilliant explanation of why you should build your own website from Sophie (I’ll share videos once they’re available).

    As well as the talks being great, it was also a delight to hang out with a large group of past and present FT folk, as well as say hi to some people I haven’t seen in 3+ years. Such a good time 😊 huge thanks to Remy and Julie for putting it all together.

  • We’ve been losing forks. We only own two forks and we have no real idea where they’ve all gone. At first, we thought someone was playing a hilarious joke on us, but it’s also possible that we’ve thrown a lot of them away accidentally in hangover takeaway boxes.

    Anyway, over the weekend we treated ourselves to a new cutlery set. Maybe we can invite people over to eat now.

  • I’ve been thinking about moving from mastodon.social to a smaller instance for a while but just wasn’t sure where to move to. Well, I finally found somewhere and have switched to Hachyderm – an instance for professionals in the tech industry which seems like a nice community. I’m @rowan@hachyderm.io now.