Week 106: Champagne Show

A week of useful npm features, going cold turkey on Twitter, enjoying Mastodon, drinking a lot of champagne, and dancing to 2000's bangers until 4 am.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Kara introduced me to an npm feature this week that I had absolutely no clue existed: the overrides property of package.json. My team was puzzling over how to trial switching out our logging library and how we might be able to easily experiment with the Express v5 beta, this is the answer to both!

    We can add the following to any of our Express-based apps to just force them into the v5 beta without having to roll out beta versions of our Express wrapping software. Amazing 👏

        "overrides": {
            "express": "npm:express@5.0.0-beta.1"
  • I think I’m very much a Mastodon convert now, and I’ve noticed my anxiety and stress levels have been lower after going cold turkey on Twitter. I decided that Twitter is just for broadcasting and ignoring, and all my actual social interactions will be on Mastodon which is so much more chill. Say hi if you’re on there.

    I fully removed Twitter from my home screen, it took a little bit of effort not to return to doom-scrolling but I think the habit’s gone. I’ve also moved Twitter notifications into my scheduled summary.

    If I automate posting my weeknotes there, then I maybe never have to go on that website again. 🤔

  • On Saturday we went to The Champagne Show and tried a stupid amount of champagne. We did this last year too) so I think it’s an annual tradition now.

  • Afterwards, we went to Oslo for their 2000’s bangers night. It was great, as always, but I really need to stop having 4 am bedtimes at the weekend 😩

  • I’ve been really enjoying watching Andor. I wasn’t such a huge fan of the earlier Star Wars series but this and Obi-Wan Kenobi really gripped me.