Week 105: Letterbox

A week of shipping a lot, writing a new logger, craft projects, dressing up, fun parties, walking red flags, and switching to Mastodon.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Concordia is a fun board game. We’ve played before but I got into it a lot more this time around. All the mechanics feel quite neat and polished.

  • I feel like I shipped a lot of code this week. We started rolling out a replacement for our fatal error handling, which will eventually allow us to burn down a haunted forest that I’ve had my eye on since the beginning of the year.

  • I’ve also been playing around with a new solution for logging. For historical reasons, we have three large and complicated logging libraries for FT.com. I think (thanks to writing a massive test suite) I’ve condensed all of these into a new very simple Pino-based alternative. I’m having fun!

  • Me wearing all black with a silver number 10, a lion door knocker, a golden letterbox, and a doornob stuck to my T-shirt

    On Saturday we went to a Halloween party, I kept it simple with an understated (and easy to remove) Number 10 Downing Street costume. It’s been a scary thing.

    I broke out my craft supplies and spent ages constructing the letterbox, but then I ran out of steam and couldn’t be bothered to make a 3D doorknob.

    The party was really fun, the Sunday afterwards was less fun.

  • We started watching Love is Blind season 3. I think it’s maybe getting a little over-produced and I’m not as attached to anyone as in the previous seasons. There are some disaster people and plenty of walking red flags.

  • I’m switching more of my online social stuff to Mastodon now that Musk owns Twitter. I don’t think it’s gonna be a nice place to be. It’s probs not been that nice for a long time and Mastodon seems quite chill and friendly. I’m @rowan@hachyderm.io.