Week 103: Blackgang Chine

A week of long pairing sessions, fixing up some old code, long drives and ferries, ocean views, questionable animatronics, and cold swims.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Work was quite intense this week but in kind of a good way. My team was pairing with our Platforms team for a lot of it, trying to better understand and stabilise one of our more errant APIs. It was a lot of fun but pairing is always exhausting.

  • We spent the weekend on The Isle of Wight, which was lovely. Charlotte’s brother is in Iraq for a year and we offered to drive his car down there where he’s parking it at his girlfriend’s (who’s showing us around) parents’ place. The journey was fun and I’d never taken a car on a ferry before.

  • Charlotte and Harry walking towards The Needles backed by an orange sunset

    It’s pretty down here, I’m enjoying the cold and rainy weather with a dramatic sea backdrop. On Saturday we went on a very windy and rainy walk to look at The Needles. We ended up in a pub for dinner which made it all worthwhile.

  • On Sunday we drove to Blackgang Chine (the UK’s oldest amusement park, it opened in 1843!?). It was very dated and very focused on kids, but we had a lot of fun. There are some really questionable animatronics, and I recommend it.

  • Me and Harry standing bravely in the very cold October sea

    We stopped by a beach on the way home and went for a swim in the very cold sea. It was invigorating and the waves really knocked us about. A hot cup of tea has never tasted so good.

  • I’m looking forward to waking up here again on Monday, it’s going to be novel working for a day from somewhere out of the city. I might go and eat lunch on the beach if it’s not raining. Less looking forward to the very long Ferry and train journey later on.