Week 102: Roundhouse

A week of incidents, nice pairing sessions, Eurovision planning, 60th birthday parties, ladders, matching outfits, and shiny new dotfiles.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Incidents come in waves and we seem to be at the peak of one 😬 “I really enjoy incidents” FFS Rowan don’t tempt fate like that again.

  • The end of the week was calmber; Alex and I had a couple of fun pairing sessions on Friday, building on Andy’s work to help us analyse our npm package usage. It’ll really help us to manage the rollout of new modules.

  • Eurovision is in Liverpool! Exciting, we booked a place to stay and very quickly entered into a dispute with the host. They seem to have not had their finger on the pulse of Eurovision news. They’re pushing us to cancel “because their lease runs out before the end of the year”, but interesting that:

    1. Their place is still listed for the rest of 2023

    2. Airbnb’s policy is that hosts cancel in this kind of scenario, but if they do that then they’re not allowed to relist for the same dates

    3. All other accommodation in Liverpool is suddenly £10–15k a night 🤔

  • It was my mum’s 60th birthday over the weekend! My sister and I pushing for a party paid off, and we spent the evening with all of mum’s friends and family in a roundhouse in the woods. It was so lovely to meet people I’ve heard so much about and mum seemed to have a great time.

    The only minor drama was us locking ourselves out of my grandma’s house. Luckily the bedroom window was open and Charlotte braved climbing a ladder through the window to let us back in.

  • Me wearing a yellow coat with a green jumper next to Charlotte wearing a green coat and a yellow jumper

    Charlotte hates when we accidentally match outfits in any way, so obvs I try to make that happen. I really outdid myself with this one.

  • I spent a bit of time finally setting up chezmoi which is a really cool tool to manage dotfiles across multiple machines. I switch between two laptops depending on whether I’m at home or in the office and this will make it far easier to keep my setup consistent.

    It took a little reading to get used to but it’s super intuitive to use, I wholeheartedly recommend it! Here’s my basic setup.