Week 101: Manifesting

A week of business, work drinks, keeping up the reading streak, Team days, manifesting large incidents, trips to Leeds, cute cats, and cheap Apple Sourz.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It feels like a super busy week, I haven’t really had time to stop and think!

  • On Tuesday I went into the office because The Edit team were having drinks and some of our South American engineers were in London. It was fun, and It was great to hang out with Alice in the pub for the first time in many years

  • I finished All That’s Left in the World and loved it, weirdly heartwarming for an apocalypse. I fancy some Sci-Fi so I’m gonna give Children of Time a go

  • On Thursday we had most of the team in the office, it was great! I’m worried that I ✨manifested✨ FT.com completely falling over. We had Justine on our team for the day to shadow because her apprenticeship requires some experience with issue triage and incidents. I joked in standup that “oh I hope something serious goes wrong while you’re here” and then it did an hour later

  • I really enjoy incidents

  • Over the weekend I went up to Leeds with Eric, Carlton, and Euan. We were visiting Scott who moved up there a few years ago. It was lovely to have the whole board game group in one place

  • Ziggy, a very cute and angry-looking cat

    Scott and Lowri’s cat is adorable. Just look at her angry little face 😭 I think I want a cat again

  • We played Terraforming Mars which is a group favourite and The Quacks of Quedlinburg is a lot of fun

  • On Saturday evening we went out in Leeds. We ended up in a questionable bar but 6 Apple Sourz for £9 is a great deal