Week 100: Skyblock

A week of great films, sweet books, birthday drinks, lots of Minecraft, thousands of pull requests, messing up but enjoying it, and a smart meter installation.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • It’s week 100! I’m into triple figures. I should probably start working out if I’m gonna do anything special for week 137.

  • I’m sure you’re bored of hearing it, but going back to work after a holiday is pretty easy when you enjoy your job :intolerably-smug-face:

  • I was reminded by Emma’s weeknotes that I watched Everything Everywhere All at Once while away, I agree it was incredible, I enjoyed every moment of it. It’s also nice learning which friends you can watch things with – I’m a “silence while I’m watching a film” person and I think I’ve surrounded myself with like-minded people.

  • I got most of the way through reading All That’s Left in the World which was recommended based on Heartstopper. It’s been a pretty quick read so far and it’s just quite sweet – it’s given me the feels a few times. I’m enjoying the switching perspectives between the two protagonists.

  • Luke had some early birthday drinks which were fun. Charlotte isn’t drinking for October and her sobriety seems to have rubbed off – I felt like I hadn’t really been drinking and had zero hangover 🎉

  • I spent Sunday playing Minecraft pretty much all day. We started with a fun game of bingo using Bingosync, and then a few of us started a Skyblock server later in the day and spent many hours labouriously mining cobblestone. It was fun and relaxing.

  • I’ve also managed to really keep up staying on top of my open source projects recently. Since pruning a few and tackling a mountain of Dependabot PRs, doing basic maintenance like this has just slotted nicely into my week. I think I can call it a success after 30 weeks right? I’ve merged or closed ~1,500 Dependabot PRs on my projects in that time 😳

  • My team messed up slightly at work; we made a change which resulted in none of the FT.com teams being able to deploy for the best part of a day. It’s important to normalise that this kind of thing happens and paint your fuck-ups as an opportunity to learn (especially when you’re a team of pretty senior engineers). I very quickly wrote a post which explained what we did and our thought process, it was fun! I need to blog at work more.

  • I finally got smart meters fitted in my flat. Boring subject, but it’s been nearly a year of trying to make this happen. I can’t believe I never have to go and top up a pre-pay meter in a shop again, luxury.