Week 10: Missed by 137 Miles

A week of surprise rent reductions, impulse-buying, Denethor being bad at eating, and 45 hours in front of the TV.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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  • Happy New Year! I drank too much on New Year’s Eve and fell asleep, but not before drunkenly buying myself a new duvet in the sales. I was already vaguely thinking about investing in better sleep, but the impulse buy was after learning that…

  • Our rent has been reduced! Or it’s looking very likely anyway. I feel like this never happens. We wondered if it was a mistake in our rental agreement renewal, but then we looked at other flats in our building on Rightmove and they’ve all been reduced by quite a lot. If it turns out it was a mistake then we might just move across the hall to an identical but cheaper flat anyway.

  • It’s been a really lazy week, which I’m fine with.

  • We watched all three Lord of the Rings films in a virtual marathon with some friends. Extended editions obvs, which took up a solid 12 hours. It’s nice to accept that you’re not going to move or think too much for 12 hours. The two best bits of these films (tied for first place) are:

    • The beacons being lit, mostly because of the soundtrack

    • Denethor eating cherry tomatoes

    (These choices may be that’s because it was a long night and I remember more of The Return of the King)

  • We watched two seasons of The West Wing, which I’ve never seen before. If you’re able to ignore the occasional war crime and embarrassing levels of patriotism, then it’s great and I don’t really know how I missed it.

  • I’m looking forward to the structure of going back to work, but also I’m not really ready to stop lounging around all day. Anyone want to pay me to sit at home and do nothing?

  • I’ve spotted a 13.7 variant in the wild every day of 2021 so far. It’s really weird how often you see this number when you’re keeping your eyes peeled for it:

    • In The West Wing, during a situation-room scene, a missile is off-target by 137 miles

    • A Nestle Caramel Whip is 137 calories (we bought some this week before knowing this)

    • My AWS bill for this month was £1.37

    If 13.7 is a cult and Arjun is making this happen somehow, then I’m very impressed.

    Leo McGarry, a character in The West Wing, asking 'We missed it by 137 miles?' and looking angry