Week 1: Plumbing

A week without running water, finding a new favourite board game, and two Christmas films which don't compare to The Princess Switch.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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Hello 👋 I’m going to try publishing weeknotes.

  • Through the pandemic I’ve gone from being a person who reads every tweet on my timeline to opening Twitter every couple of days, scrolling to the top, and closing it again. I think it might nearly be time to get rid of my last social media. I’m enjoying reading weeknotes from Alice, James, and Lee so thought I’d give it a go.

  • Plumbing. We went from Thursday to Thursday without running water. Not being able to wash our hands properly was anxiety-inducing, as was having to go to the gym to shower. On the positive side I’ve got lots of practice doing angry phonecalls. Eventually Leo (plumber #4) got it fixed, he texts me every couple of days to check things are still working which is quite sweet.

  • Charlotte and I haven’t been drinking through October, this weekend we had champagne and watched Christmas films (it’s Christmas now). Holidate was terrible in a way that I really enjoyed, 7/10, would watch again. Christmas Wedding Planner was just terrible, 4/10.

  • Agricola is one of my favourite board games, this week I played its successor Caverna. If you like worker-placement games then give this a go because it’s so good and makes lots of welcome little changes to the original.

  • I felt really ineffective at work this week, I’m not very resilient to any kind of adversity lately and the ongoing plumbing issues just killed my ability to think properly. I’m feeling better now, and spent a bit of the weekend rebuilding this website so maybe motivation is creeping back.

  • Several skyscrapers, a pub, and some terraced houses built in Minecraft

    Getting more nerdy the further down the page we go, I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft again (noticeably more since it got darker in the evenings). The tower on the left, the pub, and most of the terraced houses were this week 😬 For anyone not familiar with Survival Minecraft, stuff at this scale takes hours. I think I’m the only one still playing regularly on our server now though so maybe my play time will tail off.