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  1. Week 47: Mortgage Offer

    A dark cave with glowing vines descending from the roof

    A week of obscene amounts of money, getting excited about cardboard boxes, lovely coffees with friends, three months of crosswords, and a celebratory meal. Read Week 47: Mortgage Offer.

  2. Week 13.7: Bonus Note

    It's been 13.7 weeks since I started writing weeknotes. Read Week 13.7: Bonus Note.

  3. Week 10: Missed by 137 Miles

    Leo McGarry, a character in The West Wing, asking 'We missed it by 137 miles?' and looking angry

    A week of surprise rent reductions, impulse-buying, Denethor being bad at eating, and 45 hours in front of the TV. Read Week 10: Missed by 137 Miles.