A New Home For Pa11y

Pa11y has moved to a new organisation on GitHub. It's a time of change for the project, and the team is extremely excited about the future.

Posted on by Rowan Manning.
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I’m out of breath because I practically ran home to write this post. I’m excited because, as of today, Pa11y and all of the projects around it have moved to a new GitHub organisation.

This is an important step for us, we’re moving towards being a self-governing team and away from any one company. We believe this will help us better achieve our goal – to help make the web more accessible for everyone.

We’re extremely grateful to both Nature Publishing Group and, later, Springer Nature for guiding Pa11y through the early years. We’d also like to thank Springer Nature for transferring the repositories over to the new organisation.

What Does This Mean?

For users of Pa11y, you’ll continue to be fully supported. In fact our level of support is getting better as more contributors join the project. Springer Nature will continue to sponsor the projects with developer time; the move allows other companies to do the same without their developers contributing to repos in another company’s organisation on work time.

For contributors it means that we’ll be able to start giving out write access, and you can help to govern the projects. We’ve seen more and more contributions from people all over the world, and we’re excited to be able to work more closely with you all!

The Future

This is the part of this post I’m most enthused about! We have so many plans for the months ahead, which we can now share with you all.

The Team

The core team has grown and we now have more people supporting the various projects day to day. This means faster response times to issues and way better communication on all fronts.

  • We’re now on Twitter
  • We’re announcing releases and writing up release notes
  • We’re in the process of setting up a community chat for the projects

We’ll start to introduce core team members soon via the new website. Which brings me nicely onto the next announcement…

A New Website

We’re working on a brand new website for Pa11y which will act as a central point for all of the projects. Our current website does little for us, and we’re aiming to make it more useful to users and contributors alike.

We’d really love your feedback on the new site. It’s not ready for prime-time yet, but it’ll get closer with your help :)

Pa11y Sidekick

The Pa11y team is very excited to announce plans for our next project. We’re code-naming this project “Sidekick”.

What is Pa11y Sidekick going to do? Still to be defined, but our rough proposal at this stage: “like Travis, but for a11y testing, and with graphs”. A spangly replacement for pa11y-dashboard and pa11y-webservice.

Thank You

Thank you for reading up on Pa11y, thank you for using it, and thank you for contributing. Together we’re going to improve the accessibility of the web for everyone!

Rowan, and the Pa11y team ❤️