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  1. Back to the Future with RSS! How to save the open web, & get (re)started with RSS
  2. Week 1: Starting I want to write more, so I’m going to try posting weeknotes. I’ve started reading weeknotes from a mix of (published )
  3. These are some excellent tips for cooking spicy food 🧑‍🍳

    4am chili there’s something Indian restaurants do that I learnt from an Indian restaurant cookbook that I now do in all my cooking. it improves almost every chili-like, curry-like meal. you know that c… (published )
  4. The CSS Nesting spec has been approved for publishing as a First Public Working Draft, which is super exciting!

    CSS Nesting Module Abstract This module introduces the ability to nest one style rule inside another, with the selector of the child rule relative to the selector of the parent rule. This increases the modularity and maintainability of CSS stylesheets. CSS is a language for describing the rendering of structured documents (such as HTML and XML) on screen, on paper, etc.
  5. This is an interesting read, it gave me a lot of ideas for how I might self-host the parts of my website which currently use third-party services. I might play with Architect when I get a chance.

    My serverless, headless, Micropub-powered, personal website TL;DR This is my new personal IndieWeb website built using serverless AWS services, written in Node.js with the Architect framework. (published )
  6. it's got webmentions now and it's all Rowan's and chee's fault
  7. out of one’s element, in one’s cups this one’s a bit wild, i had inner turmoil but now i’m cured. i used to make music like this a lot, but it always felt really disjointed. i’ve learnt now that if you have a quickl… (published )