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  1. 1 cup or I get jittery ☕

    Poll: How much coffee you drink in a day? This blog post is a poll. Please respond to the poll below by sending a Webmention to the link associated with the option for which you want to vote. (published )
  2. Better Error Handling In NodeJS With Error Classes — Smashing Magazine This article is for JavaScript and NodeJS developers who want to improve error-handling in their applications. Kelvin Omereshone explains the `error` class pattern and how to use it for a better, more efficient way of handling errors across your applications. (published )
    Smashing Magazine
  3. Adding support for Webmentions I’ve added Webmention support to the posts on this blog. Webmentions are a method for websites to know that they’ve been linked to (or mentioned) from elsewhere on the web. (published )
  4. Webmentions, part 1 (published )
  5. Webmentions revisited This is a very brief note for my own benefit - if you are even slightly interested I recommend following the links to find other authors who have done a much better job of explaining this! I had previously displayed WebMentions on posts via a script that ran on each pageview, queried for mentions relevant to that page and rendered them - entirely based on the original approach documented by Sebastian de Dyne.
  6. Advent of Bloggers 2021: Day 7 I am writing a blog post every day from December 1st to December 24th, 2021, about a blogger whose writing or site I follow... (published )
  7. Weeknotes #1: The Beginning One of my favourite types of blog posts to read are “Weeknotes.” These are blog posts where people share some details about their week. I... (published )
  8. Back to the Future with RSS! How to save the open web, & get (re)started with RSS
  9. Week 1: Starting I want to write more, so I’m going to try posting weeknotes. I’ve started reading weeknotes from a mix of (published )
  10. These are some excellent tips for cooking spicy food 🧑‍🍳

    4am chili there’s something Indian restaurants do that I learnt from an Indian restaurant cookbook that I now do in all my cooking. it improves almost every chili-like, curry-like meal. you know that c… (published )
  11. The CSS Nesting spec has been approved for publishing as a First Public Working Draft, which is super exciting!

    CSS Nesting Module Abstract This module introduces the ability to nest one style rule inside another, with the selector of the child rule relative to the selector of the parent rule. This increases the modularity and maintainability of CSS stylesheets. CSS is a language for describing the rendering of structured documents (such as HTML and XML) on screen, on paper, etc.
  12. This is an interesting read, it gave me a lot of ideas for how I might self-host the parts of my website which currently use third-party services. I might play with Architect when I get a chance.

    My serverless, headless, Micropub-powered, personal website TL;DR This is my new personal IndieWeb website built using serverless AWS services, written in Node.js with the Architect framework. (published )
  13. it's got webmentions now and it's all Rowan's and chee's fault
  14. out of one’s element, in one’s cups this one’s a bit wild, i had inner turmoil but now i’m cured. i used to make music like this a lot, but it always felt really disjointed. i’ve learnt now that if you have a quickl… (published )