About Me

Rowan Manning

Hi, I’m Rowan. I’m a Node.js and front end developer with 10 years experience building websites. I’ve enjoyed working in a broad range of environments and industries, and I am based in London.

I write JavaScript mostly in a functional style, spending more time in Node.js than on the client-side. I write clean, semantic HTML and CSS. I am a big proponent of progressive enhancement, TDD, and Open Source.

I maintain a lot of personal projects. including Joblint, a command-line tool for testing job posts, and Pa11y, an accessibility testing dashboard. I have also coached students in my spare time at Codebar – an initiative to make technology more diverse and welcoming.


Open Source

Speaking and Writing



Work/life balance is important to me – a rested developer is a good developer! Outside of work I love to draw; illustration and comic art mostly. I also read a lot, my favourite genre being dystopian fiction (Margaret Atwood is hands down the best author). I occasionally go running, but this is less of an interest and more so that I can eat all the food.